art piece by artist, Lisa Diamor-Sanchez

Combat Apathy was formed as the activist wing of Mountain2Mountain, with the tagline – We Fight for Women!

Combat Apathy was born out of my belief that the biggest obstacle to the work Mountain2Mountain and other non profits face is not war zone hazards, in-country corruption, logistics, or even the struggles with fundraising… its apathy.  The onslaught of stories about war, poverty, terrorism, oppression, and violence haven’t galvanized us – they’ve hardened us.  We’ve become overwhelmed and so we tune out, and apathy sets in.

Instead Combat Apathy is a place to be outraged at the India gang rape, the forced marriages in Afghanistan, female circumcisions in Somalia, the rape culture in the US, and instead of shrugging our shoulders and wishing someone would do something, we use our voice.  We shout out. We take action. To fight for women we must first use our voices.

So at the launch of Combat Apathy – I wanted to pull together a group of woman that used their voice.  That believed that change is possible, and that wanted to take action.  Here we have artists, a pro skier, pro bikers, writers, a filmmaker, activists, photographers, fashionistas, environmentalists, media and PR queens, musicians, humanitarians, creatives – many of these women wearing more than one hat.  Complicated, diverse, powerful women that are willing to the enter the fight, to collaborate, to create, to inspire.  Knowing that one woman can create a ripple of change that affects many lives, but an army of women could change the world.

So please meet the inaugural list of Combat Apathy Ambassadors, .

Anna Brones  @annabrones – writer, Foodie Underground, traveler, producer, creative, ass kicker in chief

Amy DuFault @amytropolis – writer, editor, fashionista, conscious consumer, foodie

Sarah Menzies -@saramenz –  filmmaker, storyteller, founder of LET Media

Whitney Conner Clapper @whitneycclapper – founder Side of the Road Sessions, marketing guru, storyteller

Nicole Duke  @NicoleDukeNow – elite pro cyclocross racer and former downhill racer, ass-kicker

Beda Calhoun – owner Brick + Mortar, storyteller, production and media queen

Claudia Lopez – photographer, mountaineer, traveling gypsy, salsa dancer

Megan Lazier  @meglaz – creator of TEDxKabul, storyteller, writer, social media maven, creative

Heidi Volpe – pro mountain biker, photo editor, creative

Maggie Thomspon – activist, cyclist, advocate, non profit management

Heather Pfahl – US deputy director for Eastern Congo Initiave, activist, traveler

Ferestha Ramsey –  singer, poet, songwriter, peace ambassador and spiritual activist

Heidi Swift  @heidiswift – mountain biker, writer, photographer, producer

Sara Close – adventurer, yogi, nonprofit consultant, strategist and facilitator

Libby Lowe @libbylowe – Writer, editor, content strategist

Sara Lingefelter  @saralingafelter – social media and content strategist, activist

Kyleanne Hunter – former marine combat helicopter pilot, competitive cyclist, activist,

Winter Wall Walker @winterwall – humanitarian entrepreneur, advocate, a lover of people, a traveler and a hopeful optimist

Andrea Moore – writer, performer, photographer, producer, activist, poet, storyteller

Kim Havell – ski mountaineer, coach, adventurer

Shannon Galpin @sgalpin – founder Mountain2Mountain, creator Combat Apathy, activist, traveler, singlespeed lover

I am proud and humbled to have this amazing group of women involved and engaged and building our army of women.  Just wait to see what we’ve got planned!

To learn more you can follow us now on Facebook.  


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