The Long Way Around


This top 10 list was found in the men’s room of a co-ed dorm at Ohio’s Miami University, encouraging boys to live it up by raping as much as possible.

If you can’t bring yourself to read the entire list… skip to Number 8 “If you are afraid the girl will identify you, slit her throat.”

What the hell is going on at our college campus?

I work in Afghanistan, where rape is often flipped around so that an accusation of adultery or prostitution can be placed upon the victim’s shoulders.  I have met many women in jail under convictions of these morality crimes, having done nothing wrong except endured an unwanted, violent sexual attack.  Only two years ago President Karzai bowed under the world’s pressure to officially rescind parts of a law he had previously signed that legalized marital rape.

But lest we consider America far above these sorts…

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